The Tiemann Foundation was established in 2018. The founders Ingeborg and Dr. H. Jürgen Tiemann have no children. They would also like their assets to have a positive effect in the long term. That is why they established the charitable foundation and defined its purpose quite precisely in accordance with their appreciations. In addition to art and culture, the foundation also promotes the preservation of historical monuments and nature conservation. The course has been clearly set and the necessary organisation has been established. The foundation is already working successfully and will grow not insignificantly after the death of the founders. Currently, the Tiemann Foundation focuses on five core topics: The promotion of education, the promotion of art and culture, the protection and preservation of historical monuments, and the promotion of nature conservation.

Der ab 2023 geplante Tiemann-Preis ergänzt das Engagement. The prize is a purchase award for museums and institutions that collect and exhibit contemporary painting. It is dedicated to the work of artists working in Germany who contribute significantly to today’s art discourse.